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We only work with the best commercial paint products and specialty industrial coatings, to ensure your satisfaction.  Painting for the food industry is a highly specialized segment for industrial and commercial painters. Because of the regulations that are unique to the food industry, painting wherever food ingredients are stored, processed or handled is a service that requires a great deal of additional knowledge and care. Our trained professional crews can not only meet the heightened demands that exist in this sector, but can also assist your staff with the steps that are necessary to earn an excellent audit rating, which include preparing for the audit, managing mold and moisture issues, selecting the correct CIFA approved coatings, thoroughly cleaning according to the applicable standards, and leaving your facilities ready for production.  

We specialize in sandblasting and painting services for industrial applications, including epoxy for floors, but our real specialty is in co-ordinating the tasks and the timeline with your staff and managers to ensure minimal disruption to your production. We understand that shutdown is very costly, and our crews and managers focus on swift execution of a strategic plan to get you back to full production as efficiently as possible.

Each project is engineered to meet or exceed your expectations, from the intial phase of preparing a quote to establishing the project timeline, managing the crew and returning your finished plant to full production.  From your first contact with our family owned and operated business, you will experience the care that comes with working with the right partner. We know that our reputation depends on our continued ability to perform at a high level, and that goes for the paint and epoxy coatings we supply as well. Your first priority is getting the job done well, on time and within budget. Our priority is to meet these needs. We will tailor our schedule to fit yours, and are always ready to work outside of "normal" operating hours when doing so contributes to a smoothly executed project. We have more than 30 years' experience painting commercial buildings of all types, interiors and exteriors. Our reputation depends on the quality of our service and of the paints and coatings we apply. Our business depends on our reputation.  

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Our crews are led by foremen who have at least 10 years experience painting and managing painters in many types of industrial environments. Each job is planned and managed to ensure the work is performed in the most efficient manner, saving you in time and in materials.

Our service area includes all of Southern Ontario, but we are headquartered in Toronto. Contact us at 416-733-7690 to learn more about our industrial and commercial painting services, and how we will develop a plan to get the job done, get cleaned up, and get out with a focus on performing the highest quality work while minimizing your shut down costs.  There are 3 key components that affect the durability of an epoxy coating. The first is proper preparation of the floor surface prior to the application of any epoxy product. The second is the choice to use only the highest quality coatings. And the third (optional) component is the addition of protective clear coat finishes as needed. As you will see if you browse through our gallery of work, we are sometimes faced with challenging projects, but with proper preparation - filling cracks and gaps, cleaning the surface - and with care taken to apply the epoxy using best practices, we guarantee our floor coatings will stand the test of time.   

We have the right painters, the right coating products and the right processes in place to make sure that whatever we promise will be delivered on time and on budget. And, we have hundreds of very happy customers in a broad range of commercial and industrial businesses who are willing to back us up on that claim: manufacturers, food processors, realty and property management companies, retailers, and more.

We have built a reputation in 30 years of providing excellent service as industrial painters in and around Toronto. We understand that while we're painting, even if it only involves your storage tanks, you're not operating at full capacity, and that has a cost to you. We are experts at minimizing our impact on your operation, including taking meticulous care around your products and your sensitive equipment. Our foremen each have at least 10 years' experience in a variety of industrial settings, and are always on-hand to supervise your job, co-ordinate with your personnel and manage the execution of the project plan.   We have over 30 years' experience and a lengthy list of reference accounts in a broad range of industries who will attest to our excellent dependable service. Our process is designed to ensure your job will get done on time, on budget, with minimal disruption to your business both during and for years to come, since our coating application will last. We maintain the highest standards, and earn one of the best safety ratings thanks to our experienced team. The crew on your job will include our own NACE inspector, who will oversee the sandblasting, rust proofing and specialty coatings application to ensure your industrial interior or exterior painting project will stand up to the elements.  

If you have an upcoming industrial or specialty painting project in the Toronto area, call 416-733-7690, email or fill out our Request a Quote form.

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