Food Industry Specialists

Canadian food plants place a high demand on hygiene and SDS requirements whenever food ingredients and materials are stored, processed or handled.

B.E.S.T. inspectors and personnel have over 30 years of experience successfully carrying out projects for some of the biggest food manufacturers in Ontario, such as Mondelez Canada, PepsiCo Foods Canada and Post Foods, to name a few.

To provide safety and compliance, we offer “A Grades” with 3rd Party safety companies, which allows us to serve you better. If we are not currently set up with your safety service, simply give us notice of your requirements and we will promptly become compliant.

A significant reason we have established a name for ourselves in the food industry is, namely, our superior experience and knowledge of CFIA approved coating and their applications, as well as HACCP standard practices. Our NACE Coatings Inspectors take special care to ensure your facility passes all your audit points when it comes to coating requirements.

Before: This meat packing facility in Concord had their entire metal deck sandblasted to bare steel to ensure our finish coat lasted for many years to come.

After: Application of CFIA Coatings ensured audit inspection requirements were met and this facility could resume normal operations.