Tanks & Silos

Maintaining and rehabilitating Tanks and Silos is at the heart of what we do. Tank painting is an involved, specialized process that requires a high level of skill and expertise. Over the years, we have finished countless numbers of tanks for our loyal clients. We work hard to earn customer satisfaction by delivering quality results every time.

Tank & Silo painting, in essence, is part of property maintenance; not only does it keep your assets looking presentable, but it also preserves structural integrity so you can avoid costly repairs and replacements.

Heavy industrial epoxy coatings can be a perfect solution for all kinds of products, from potable water to oils and fuels, and everything in between. Being engineered to withstand a variety of environments, including high pressure, heat, and hazardous chemicals, our coatings solutions will provide protection and containment for specialized purposes.

Special care is taken with your silos to ensure all corporate colours and design specifications are finished to showcase your structures to all who see them.